• During the conference, you are welcome to participate in any of these workshops. They are included in the price and you will be able to sign up at the registration desk. Note! Seats are limited, sign up early.

  • Becoming The Conscious Benevolent Capitalist That Changes The World – Dr Dain Heer
    October 7, 14:00-15:30

    In this workshop Dain Heer will present a different perspective with pragmatic tools to create a conscious business and a greater world.  He will show you how functioning from question in your business opens the door for infinite possibilities & for creating your business as a tool for the change that is required on this planet. You have the desire and willingness. Now all that’s required are the tools.

    Money and ConsciousnessDonate Future, Bring Money in Motion – Alexandra Abensperg-Traun
    October 7, 14:00-17:30

    How money flows through our lives is often difficult to monitor. This workshop invites us to move out of our “normal” behaviour and patterns in dealing with money. We will experience new aspects of consciously giving, taking, receiving and retaining. By bringing awareness to our use of, and relationship to, money, it can be extended and transformed. In this interactive workshop, we focus on the needs of the participants and explore the power of giving and receiving as a process of individual and team/community empowerment. These experiences and insights are  discussed and reviewed collaboratively. Participants bring between 100 and 1,000 SEK (or between €10 and € 100) to the workshop to be used in the exercises (as he/she decides). We will develop new  perceptions while having a real life experience of sharing money.

    The Emergence of the Wisdom Culture – Fredrik Bengtsson
    October 7, 16:00-17:15

    A way forward – burnout as a possibility for growth is the topic of Fredrik Bengtsson, existential psychologist´s seminar. His view on the ongoing paradigm-shift is that the widespread experience of stress and burnout in the western societies is a sound reaction to a world devoid of essence and meaning. People have grown beyond the materialistic needs and are searching for self-actualisation and meaning for themselves and at a more altruistic level – yet the structures of working-life and the society are stuck in an overly rational and square frame preventing people from feeling motivated and to flourish. Burnout is the reaction to the huge gap between peoples values and needs and the structures they need to adapt to.

    The new time and the new era is being pushed forward by the millions of people who react, who can’t stand to settle for survival mode at a time when we should enjoy life fully! Burnout is the symptom of an existential crises that society treats as a medical condition and a sign of weakness, when in fact the experience of those who suffer is that a change is necessary. Their deeper self reclaims purpose and meaning and give them strength that fuels the global power of the many who embrace similar values and who seeks to change the world for the better.

    The new time, THE ERA OF WISDOM, will emerge from the people but continues to be held back by the corporations and the societies. As in any major change or paradigm-shift, there is a force pushing forward and another who is resistant to change. That tension can only last for a limited period of time though, before the truth of the people and their deeper needs and values take over and shape the world in new colors….