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  • Peter is a general partner at Google Ventures. Before joining Google Ventures, Peter was the Managing Director of Entertainment Insights, providing strategy and corporate development advice to media and communications clients.

    Peter has been an active angel investor and advisor for more than 15 years in London, Berlin, Stockholm, and the U.S. Prior to Entertainment Insights, he was President of Nielsen Entertainment in Los Angeles. Peter was also a Special Partner at Vitruvian, Director of GP Bullhound, Governor at Beaconsfield High School, and Digital Advisor to Oxfam, Sport England, and The Roundhouse. He was an Associate Producer on Rabbit Fever and an (uncredited) actor in Flyin’ Ryan, which both received some of the worst reviews in movie history…

    Some of us are born to be entrepreneurs, some of us just don’t have the right mental make up to cut it – but could science, by way of Buddhism, help to change that? Serial angel investor Peter Read believes so, at least in part. Revealing his work with top psychology and neuroscience experts, he says there is increasing scientific evidence that shows the brain can be reshaped to develop important psychological and emotional qualities with mindfulness – a concept rooted in Buddhism.

    It’s the ability to focus your attention and awareness on the present moment. Not wondering about what happened in the past and not being anxious about what might happen in the future – just being present right here, right now. – Peter Read

    It’s not everyday that you hear an investor bring a philosophical concept to the startup stage, but Read addresses an important aspect of entrepreneurship that is rarely discussed. He feels strongly that entrepreneurs can reduce stress and increase creativity from practicing mindfulness. It’s a way of developing the “soft skills” he believes are necessary to be an entrepreneurial success, alongside ”hard skills”, such as coding.

    Peter received his B.A. in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics from University of Oxford and his MBA from INSEAD

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