Master Dhyan Vimal

  • Master Dhyan Vimal

  • Master Dhyan Vimal is a renowned international speaker, founder of the School of Mastery Canada and Friends of Mankind, entrepreneur and writer on subject matters of business and philosophy.

    His revolutionary work includes insights into the body intelligence, the nature of the mind, human relationships, bringing about positive change in corporations, individuals and society at large.

    The focus of his work explores the science of transformation through inward revolution leading to organic growth. His work also revolves around having the ability to write your own future consciously and deliberately by living in love and compassion as it’s core, without giving up the total dynamism and grandness of being a human being. A simple man who is passionate about engaging humanity at large through the discovery of conscious living, by being a friend to mankind.

    Dhyan Vimal is a recipient of The Live & Inspire Award.

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