Gelong Thubten

  • Gelong-Thubten

  • Gelong Thubten is from Samye Ling in Scotland, the first and largest Tibetan monastery in the West.

    Thubten has been a monk for 22 years, many of those serving as Akong Tulku Rinpoche’s secretary and assistant. He has spent more than five years in strict meditation retreats.

    Using a non-religious approach, Thubten specializes in teaching mindfulness and meditation in the corporate world, and also in hospitals, schools, prisons and addiction rehab centers. He has worked with the NHS, Morrisons, legal and financial institutions and several other major international corporations. Currently he is working with Google and Linklaters. All funds from such work are donated to charity.

    Thubten is a Director of ROKPA Switzerland, Samye Foundation Wales and KSD Scarborough UK. Thubten also gives courses at Samye Ling and the Samye Dzong centers.

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