Fredrik Bengtsson

  • Fredrik Bengtsson

  • Fredrik Bengtsson is an existential psychologist, writer and organizational consultant from Sweden. For the past decade his entrepreneurial work has provided inspiration, knowledge and guidance for a great many people and several national and international corporations throughout the full spectra of health and lifestyle related services.

    His books, his blog and his seminars have inspired people to find a path to a more meaningful and fulfilling lifestyle. The overall aim of Fredrik’s work is to contribute to the ongoing paradigm shift moving the western societies away from the materialistic era into a spiritual direction, based on sustainability concerning both health and the environment.

    His profound knowledge and experience on human conditions have changed the lives for the great many people who have taken part in his retreats and rehabilitation programs in Spain. His view and experience of the immense increase in psychological illness; stress, depression, anxiety and burnout, is that these are all symptoms of a profound sense of meaninglessness and emptiness in a world where many experience an existential void. It’s only when we stop treating these symptoms as illness from a medical point of view, and start listening to the wisdom of those who suffer, that we can move forward to a new way of relating to ourselves and to our life.

    Fredrik’s entrepreneurial work has also led him to Africa where he is presently working on projects supporting people and nations to combine growth and development with sustainability in terms of health and environment.

    ABLE (Art of Beauty, Lifestyle & Energy) is the new platform from which Fredrik offers his expertise as a “Lifestyle Concierge”, based on his creative work and experience.

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