Cornelius Pietzner

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  • Mr. Cornelius Pietzner has been engaged in cultural, social finance, financial management and philanthropy issues in the US and Europe over the last 25 years. He has advised individuals and foundations, and presently serves on the board of several foundations in different countries.

    He is CEO and managing partner at Alterra Impact Finance GmbH, a social impact investment management firm, based in Zurich, Switzerland. Mr. Pietzner is also the president at the Alterra Foundation, a foundation supporting transformation initiatives related to a more human-centered economy.

    Pietzner presently also serves as Managing Director or Mind and Life Europe (, a Swiss not-for-profit working at the intersection of neuroscience and contemplative practice.

    From 2002-2011 Pietzner served as Treasurer on the Executive Board of the General Anthroposophical Society/Goetheanum, Switzerland, with affiliates in 90 countries and approximately 8,000 related institutions in education, biodynamic agriculture, medicine, socially responsible business, and banking.

    He serves on the Advisory Board of the B Lab Europe, the Global Impact Forum, Gross National Happiness Research Centre (Bhutan), Sustainia (DK), the NEOS Lab (liberal/progressive party) Austria and several other organizations.

    Pietzner was the founding president of Camphill Soltane (USA), a life-sharing community working with individuals with special needs. He was also the president of the Camphill Association of North America from 1993-1999, and served on the Council of the Anthroposophical Society in America from 1996-2002.

    Mr. Pietzner received his B.A. (Highest Honors) in Political Science and Sociology at Williams College, Massachusetts and is a recipient of the Thomas J Watson Fellowship.

    The author and editor of several books and articles, Mr. Pietzner speaks on themes of social entrepreneurship, community building and contemplative practices. Mr. Pietzner lives in Dornach, Switzerland.

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