Alexandra Abensperg-Traun

  • Alexandra

  • Alexandra Abensperg-Traun is the founder and president of Vienna-based Philiana, an organization fostering associative economy through individual growth and personal transformation. She views our relationship with money and its conscious use fundamental for the renewal of the economic system. She has led workshops, trainings and symposia for hundreds of people in developing a more empathic understanding of human needs and money.

    Alexandra is partner of Plenum llc, a qualification, research and consulting company for sustainable development, and member of the leadership council of the Social Science department at the Goetheanum, Switzerland.

    Alexandra was managing director of an international industrial consumer goods company in Austria, deputy president of ESD (European sustainable development) and active internationally in consciousness development with various organizations. She is trained in Economic Sciences, Arts and Communication and has a long-standing meditative practice.

    She is the mother of two sons.

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