About Wisdom Stockholm

How can consciousness, compassion and happiness save the world? Starting with me and you – the individuals – and by including the business world and society at large, we need to change to not only survive, but also to create a happier, sustainable and more prosperous planet to live on.

October 6 and 7, 2015, Wisdom Stockholm invites you to discuss and learn about key ingredients on how we together can and will make the world a better place. The great news is that this is not only a real possibility, it’s created by you being more happy, your business more buzzing and profitable than ever, and by all of us living side-by-side in compassion and understanding.

Let’s face it, it is urgently needed – the world is falling apart from pollution, terrorism, violence, sex trafficking, etc. We are also living in a digital and technical age where we need to address how our innovations best serve humanity. The good news is, remedies are on the horizon.

The conference gathers a mix of renowned wisdom teachers and speakers from fields like technology, economy, psychology, creative arts, and more. They are here to give you their view of how we can achieve profound personal, societal and global renewal, and to explore conrete ways and projects of moving forward together.

Together, they represent a growing phenomenon in the world. Scientists, business leaders, artists, attorneys and students are talking about the reality of a higher consciousness. It is no minor movement ‒ it includes millions of people and is becoming the new mainstream. These people understand that it is our state of individual, as well as collective, consciousness that is the driving force behind creating the world we live in. The topics of conversation range from intuition to emerging technologies and neuroscience. And they include simple yet profound goals – conscious leadership and mastering the art of happiness. They also explore how awareness-based practices are becoming more rooted in business life, and the benefits to staff, teams, and company performance.

Through Wisdom Stockholm 2015 we strive to bring this conversation to the world in an accessible, innovative, inclusive and fun way.

Join us for interesting talks, eye-opening conversations and unexpected connections!